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Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Apr 15, 2014

Wednesday 16 April 2014 2:15am

I have attended writers briefings, had a guinness, visited an art gallery party, swing danced, painted the town, photographed Leeds street style, worked and created a bow tie. I have to rehouse and am quite daunted by all the items I have accumulated; two sets of fairy lights, a vase, a bold collection of John Lennon records... why the devil do I have four coats?? 

Time goes by so fast as if it hardly wants to exist.


LAURA'S ART CLUB - Two-print Bow Tie.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Apr 15, 2014

The very first Beatles song I loved as a child was Hello Goodbye, and the very first Split Enz song, My Mistake. This was either due to their united chirpy instrumentals and brightly coloured videos or the lyrical correlations regarding unfortunate happenings. Who knows. Well, I recently revisited My Mistake and immediately fell for Tim Finn's bow tie. Here is how to replicate it for all who appreciate the beauty and wonder of the bow tie.

You will need;

  • Two fabric patterns
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Safety-pin
  • Postcard (or a ruler to measure)

Measure each fabric pattern to equal 1/2 the size of the postcard.

Fold both pieces of fabric inward and keep on place with glue.

Fold the corners.

Fold the triangular ends.

Glue the fabrics together.

Measure another piece of fabric the same size as the bow tie and fold inwards.

Glue to the bow.

Attach a safety-pin or band.

Love me like I'm not made of stone.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Apr 09, 2014

Thursday 10 April 2014 1:50am

On the weekend I celebrated turning a year older. We watched bands, danced and had candlelit confection. Today I purchased fabric for Laura's Art Club, two tickets to La Sera, and learned the harmonica. I have written an article about Royal Park School and another about zines. Peruse at will! The Beatles are helping the blues ♥ oxoxoxoxoxoxox

Melbourne mail from the Leeds Zine Fair.


Main Title Sequence

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Apr 05, 2014

Saturday 5 April 2014 7:05pm

In the words of Gwyneth Paltrow; Zak and I have consciously uncoupled. I am braced for the blues. Recently, I've danced with the Subway and Champion Up North teams, written an ode to an earring, and celebrated Matt's 23rd. oxoxoxoxoxoxox


Champion Up North.

One of the camera stands I constructed (the reason why many a camera I have owned has fallen apart).

Little Spring.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Mar 29, 2014

Sunday 30 March 2014 1:00am 

I wrote a blog on Monday and it has gone elsewhere! The internet can be frivolous. Luckily, I'm not one to write anything lengthy and thought-provoking. I recall I wrote that I've read 'Boyfriend 68', a book I found at Judy's Vintage Fair. Apparently, to impress Paul McCartney, I need to be a red-haired actress (I question how much research the journalist did). I've coloured in Adam Driver and wallpapered the ceiling with magazines. Laura's Art Club is now housed at Champion Up North - here (the first project is a denim bag). On Thursday I attended the grounds of The Royal Park School to bid farewell. Today I worked, watched the horses in the hazy light and had a tea with Zak (please do not delete this post internet!) oxoxoxoxoxoxox

Royal Park School.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney records from James.

I see you’re on the run Band Breaker. It was only fun for you.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Mar 21, 2014

Saturday 22 March 2014 3:05am

Manhattan by Skaters is on replay as I read Marieke Hardy interviews, praising the hiatus of the alarm clock tomorrow morning. I've had tea with a housemate, turned a year older, watched a film with Zak at the Hyde Park Picture House, visited a park, interviewed and researched, and attended the Leeds Zine Fair. Two articles I have written are published online at Champion Up North - here (by all means, visit and comment good and wonderful things) ♥ oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

We Do Not Publish Poetry

By Laura Cheshire

Dearest writer, we really enjoyed your entry,

Albeit, a small concern, so please bear with me.

When there's an abundance of literary forms,

It's very unclear, why you would wish to write in one from yesteryear.

There's how to do it articles and reviews,

Fiction and biographies, to name a few.

And if you write about fashion and beauty products,

You'll receive free gifts galore!

Just don't try to rhyme or you'll be kindly shown the door.

Pressing articles are always the way.

Of course, politics and current affairs aren't exactly our forte.

What type of woman do men desire?

It's about time we solve this age-old mystery.

Consumers want to know how to get a bikini body,

Frankly, no one wants to read poetry.

We wish you all the best,

Unfortunately, we simply cannot invest,

In such delivery of text.

By now I hope I've expressed my point of view,


Farewell, so long, good riddance to you!

Royal Park School, Hyde Park.

He's a dedicated follower of fashion.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Mar 03, 2014

Tuesday 4 March 2014 3:00am

An abundance of photographs. I've visited vintage stores, attended a fashion show, stitched together a bag, watched bands, danced, played board games, written articles, worked, and fed farm animals. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

Board game night.

Leeds RAG Fashion Show.


Animals ♥

High and wild.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Feb 20, 2014

Friday 21 February 2014 2:40am

I now have a job, and an internship for an art and lifestyle e-zine. Every Thursday, the writers gather around a table and review ideas. I mentioned a DIY project - yes, Laura's Art Club could be colossal. Albeit, strangely, I'm still the only member. A few photographs below; inaccurate lyrics, a night in town with Zak, a (brilliantly) coloured in picture, and playing dress-ups. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

The guesser.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Feb 11, 2014

Wednesday 12 February 2014 3:15am

I have written a poem entitled 'We Do Not Publish Poetry' for the paperback book, an article about encounters when purchasing clothing online, had a number of teas & coffees, and watched Girls. Temples' and Angel Olsen's new albums are continuously playing - Test Of Time and Windows from both artists, respectively, are complete gems ♥ oxoxoxoxoxoxox


Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Feb 03, 2014

Tuesday 4 February 2014 4:00am

A few photographs from recent moments - dancing to Motown at The Hifi Club, visiting a castle in York. I watched Inside Llewyn Davis. Brilliant performance by Oscar Isaac. Now I am listening to the radio and the rain. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 


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