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Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Oct 23, 2014

Thursday 23 October 2014 7:10pm

I am painting the song Sparrow and listening to A Date With The Everly Brothers. I've recently watched Northern Soul with Matias at Hyde Park Picture House. We were invited into the tiny 100-year-old projection room. Brilliant film. An article I wrote about beards is published HERE. Yesterday I watched Benji play at LS6 and went to a party in the woods at night. Now to paint a swan. I'm concocting colours on a magazine - Luis Suarez is looking very prismatic! oxoxoxoxoxoxox

Laura's Art Club.

Take my picture.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Oct 07, 2014

Wednesday 8 October 2014 5:55am 

I have mazy feelings. I know previous unexpected events offer the prospect of opening brightly coloured new doors, it is just there are some moments where I feel so awfully lost. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

The Hollies.

The Dad Pose.

Vance Joy ♥

Champion Up North Art Exhibition.

Adam's artwork.

Mathias' 'R' outshines all the letters I did, ha.

Light Night.

Napoleon Dynamite.

Blue planet eyes.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Sep 23, 2014

Wednesday 24 September 2014 1:20am

I'm glued to The Mindy Project after booking accommodation in the Lake District that turned out to be a closet beneath a staircase with only a bed and a tiny television set in it. I watched many a television program in that closet. Time to draw a story for Errol oxoxoxoxoxoxox

Champion Up North's 1st Birthday.

The Hollies.

Here comes the night time.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Sep 18, 2014

Thursday 18 September 2014 5:50pm

I'm currently listening to The Walking Who and dolling up for Champion Up North's 1st birthday party. Recently, I've watched the The White Whale on Leeds Dock, written a poem, and watched a band. I'm going to the party alone tonight so am wearing white to synthesise with the wall in case I know no one. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

I can take it from here. I'll find my own bravado.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Sep 08, 2014

Tuesday 9 September 2014 4:40am

Oh, Lorde ♥. Her album and Jasmine Pearl tea are the elixirs for many a predicament. An article I wrote about Leeds West Indian Carnival is published HERE. I initially intended to photograph Street Style except there were a crowd of coats due to the wintry weather. I will house the small collection here instead. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

Leeds Beer Festival.

Leeds West Indian Festival Street Style.

Bowl of oranges.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Aug 31, 2014

Monday 1 September 2014 5:10am

I am ready to go home - oh, to have parents, proper teas, a garden, a fruit bowl with fruit in it. I mean, I guess I could have a fruit bowl in Leeds. A fruit bowl for one just isn't the same though, is it? I have two articles to write and not a clue what to say. I don't see the words arriving at 5am, no. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 


West Indian Carnival.

Hollywood Bowl.

The Hollies.

The Belgrave & Milo.

I'm always trying to find a way to make it last.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Aug 19, 2014

Tuesday 19 August 2014 6:20pm

English comedic panel shows are brilliant ♥. I can never watch enough! Recently, I've wandered through the Hollies, had a giant coffee, written poetry, visited a farm, spent time with friends and watched a Vivian Maier documentary. I'm currently collecting bearded men for an article - not such a terrible task, ha. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

The Editors.

Friend, we weren't even lovers.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Aug 07, 2014

Thursday 7 August 2014 11:50pm

I've recorded Happy Birthday You, started to write an article (after a blooming while!), and bought two tickets to Vance Joy. I'm a parade of thoughts lately. What to do when the one you once adored takes a fancy to someone new? I mean, I'm not daft, I know the answer - wish them well and give Orlando Weeks a call to see if he's keen. I guess it is all easier said than done. As Doris Day so wisely sings, que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

The Belgrave.

 Leeds Pride.

Oh Monday, Monday, how could you leave and not take me?

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Jul 28, 2014

Monday 28 July 2014 1:05pm

An early morning, black coffee, vinyl records playing and a sleepy dog ♥. Recently, I've watched Boyhood at the picture house, written poetry, danced with the Champion folk, bid farewell to a workmate and worked plenty. Today is a much needed day of writing and listening to The Mamas & The Papas oxoxoxoxoxoxox 


I'm sinking in the quicksand of my thought.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Jul 15, 2014

Wednesday 16 July 2014 2:00am

I am now in Leeds. On the last day of travel, I thought: I'm going to the seaside and I'm going to wear a blooming bathing suit, regardless of the weather. I walked into quicksand! There were a hundred or so statues of naked men along the beach so I was en route to one. I'm surprised there wasn't an assortment of stationary women trying in vain to reach it, ha. It was a brilliant adventure - many experiences and whatnot. oxoxoxoxoxoxox



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