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Bad poetry.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Mar 19, 2015

Friday 20 March 2015 2:25am

I am surrounded by pyramids of objects, all built at various attempted dates of packing. Leeds was a brilliant adventure. In due time, I will print my feelings in rhyme. When I was a child, I'd often run away - mostly to a park until it turned dark and rainy and I started to question if a fight about who's turn it was to do the dishes really validated opting for a bleak future residing in a playhouse. Now I am in need of The Monkees. Packing can wait another day. oxoxoxoxoxoxox






Valentine's Day


No more home, no more love. I just have to learn it all again.

I had too much to dream last night.


From Tara ♥

I know a face who I can show my true colours. To your arms, into your arms I will go when I'm low.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Feb 11, 2015

Thursday 12 February 2015 6:00am

I am still awake due to a wearisome wisdom tooth so am keeping occupied with 6am writings and Patsy Cline. I watched Frank recently. I wish every film were of the same grain. It is brilliant. I don't want to rattle on about romance except I recently read an article about the greatest love letters of all time and I adored Richard Burton's to Elizabeth Taylor in 1964:

'My blind eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you. You don't realize of course, E.B., how fascinatingly beautiful you have always been, and how strangely you have acquired an added and special and dangerous loveliness.'

Beethoven could certainly poetise a few good words too. oxoxoxoxoxoxox 



LAURA'S ART CLUB - Valentine's Day DIY

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Feb 11, 2015

I have to admit that I'm not a devoted Valentines Day advocate. At school, February the 14th always emphasised the fact that the gents in my year weren't all that bowled over by painfully shy boyish-looking girls with fierce acne. I do get incredibly excited by a lovely thing called love though so, with that in mind, I will share four of my favourite ways of giving it (in DIY gift form).


A lover's shrine isn't just for stalkers. If it is presented in a tiny box and doesn't include snippets of hair or old gum, it is actually fairly romantic. Although, if your one and only is expecting a marriage proposal, a misleading-shaped decorative matchbox might not go down so well.


A paper doll of your soul mate is a certain winner. For the purpose of this entry and my wildest fantasies, I will pretend I'm dating Noel Fielding. Do not worry if you cannot draw decently - as your Honeybear, they will be so immensely infatuated by you that they believe anything you create is wondrous and of great talent.


The mixed tape / CD is due a revival. With music so easily accessible nowadays, to press play on a stereo and await affectionately hand-picked songs from your courter is the bee's knees. Throw in a love letter for good measure.


Even though the penny is not considered a favourable coin, it should not be so readily dismissed - 400 of them earn you a daily bus ticket, 1000 earn you two moderate beers along Call Lane, and only one is needed to earn your significant other endless pleasure. Find one that is dated from the year you first locked eyes on one another and superglue it to an old necklace or ring (pre-loved jewellery adds to the charm). And remember, if all else fails, just have some ridiculously priced heart-shaped chocolate on standby.


I'm waiting for a magic mystery man to divorce me from this lonely hearts club band.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Jan 28, 2015

Thursday 29 January 2015 6:50am

I'm listening to Hummingbird by Local Natives, writing poetry and painting my nails 'Pop Art' as it snows. There is quite a decent number of posing photographs in this post due to, once again, having unrequited feelings which leads to redirected focus on art and photography (and posing). oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

And our eyes shine bright like a sky full of comets.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Jan 08, 2015

Friday 9th January 2015 4:00am

It appears Germany is on the cards after a 5am ticket purchase to see Passenger in Bonn. I can relate to his words so much ♥. It is now 2015 - the year I plan to journey home. oxoxoxoxoxoxox  

New Year's Eve.

Street Style.

I'm lying on the moon.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Dec 31, 2014

My dear, I'll be there soon.

Wednesday 31 December 2014 5:40pm

After another wild run across the station, I once again missed the train to Birmingham. Time, eh! I built a boyfriend. He somewhat resembles John Lennon and Errol. I watched a Roald Dahl performance, had a fair few guinesses with family, watched fireworks and it snowed. Best doll up for New Year's - I am late. oxoxoxoxoxoxox


Milo Lennon.


Wit is very fashionable at the moment.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Dec 20, 2014

Sunday 21 December 2014 3:35am

I am mid-poem entitled 'A Romantic's Tale of Misfortune and Sorrow' and listening to Lykke Li. After the German Markets yesterday, I visited McDonald's and recorded a washroom tale. I love how eloquent, vivid and rhythmic strangers can unintentionally be (even after a few ales). oxoxoxoxoxoxox 

German Markets.


Champion Up North.

German Markets.

Window Blues.

I want every other freckle.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Dec 12, 2014

Friday 12 December 2014 11:40pm

I've written and photographed two articles - Christmas DIY Gifts and Street Style for Champion Up North, followed a deer trail, wandered through the German Markets, danced to The Beatles and had an ephemeral romance. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

Leeds Deer Trail.

German Christmas Markets.


Blue dragonflies dart to and fro. I tie my life to your balloon and let it go.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Nov 24, 2014

Tuesday 25 November 2014 4:00am

I generally don't write mopey things here - it does no favours holding onto the negative and I fumble with the fact that there is so much I appreciate. Except, lately, all I do is cry. Love is strange. I travelled to Liverpool to watch The Maccabees on the 17th and visited the World Museum. I wandered into an out-of-bounds room accidentally. Security were not pleased, to say the least (I promise I had no intention of running off with an African mask!). I currently have Foxygen's 'We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic' on steady rotation ♥ oxoxoxoxoxoxox




Not made for love.

Red, orange, yellow flicker beat.

Laura Cheshire
Laura Cheshire Nov 16, 2014

Monday 17 November 2014 4:00am

I attempted to read poetry by Thomas Hardy tonight. I didn't read so decently - I find him difficult to follow, plus, I'm a fool for rhyme. Now I am listening to SoKo's album I Thought I Was An Alien, thinking about old love and that laundry I must do at the end of the bed. oxoxoxoxoxoxox

  Bonfire Night.             Street Style.        

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